Sunday, December 28, 2008

Food Tour of California: Farmers Markets and Sisterly Crepes

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I realize I hadn't posted this yet: allow me to quote the Des Moines Cityview Newspaper:

Best New Food Photographer: Ben Gordon (
This Grinnell College student and Phoenix Café line chef created a well-researched, photographically splendid Iowa food journal.
However, to say that I merely felt remiss when my last post- in which I regal my dear readers with tempting prose-based glimpses into the life of culinary opulence I have been leading- contained no pictures! Therefore, this post is dedicated to the writer of the article quoted above.

Anyway, on this wonderful Sunday morning before I head off to Barcelona and my sister heads off to camp, we decided to stop by the wonderful local farmers market, grab some fruits and make ourselves some delicious crepes!
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Above: My favorite salsa guy's selection. The one on the far right- the jalapeno and garlic- is particularly delicious.

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Above: My dad grabbed a tamale on the way out. We haven't indulged yet due to the crepes, but I am sure it will be delicious. (EDIT: Have now indulged. Was excellent.)

MOD_4181 copy.jpg

Above: Gratuitous food porn to tease poor snow locked Iowans. And yes, all that food is as good as it looks.

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Above: Close up shot of the pomegranates and avocados. It was from this same vendor that we bought the apples and pears which would be swaddled in a delectable crepe.

MOD_4190 copy.jpg

MOD_4185 copy.jpg

Above: Some more greenstuffs. I love swiss chard.MOD_4209 copy.jpg

MOD_4207 copy.jpg

Above: Two shots from the sprouted salad stand. He has all sorts of seeds that have sprouted that are delicious mixed into salads. During the summer I buy ample quantities to mix into my lunch salads all week. However, during this break I have regressed into some of the WORST eating habits. No salads for me!

MOD_4230 copy.jpg

This is a shot that I couldn't get in Iowa. After my family and I got back from the market, my sister and I whipped up some crepes.

MOD_4231 copy.jpg

As you can see, I just sauteed some pears and apples with a little lemon juice, cinnamon and vanilla. They didn't need any sugar: they were absolutely delectable without it. For those that love varietal names, I only ever buy Fuji apples and asian pears. In the back left is a simple blueberry syrup I made. The ingredients were similarly simple: 1 tablespoon maple syrup, the juice of a lemon and a pouch of frozen blueberries. I threw in a tiny bit of water and cooked the entire thing down until it was reduced to about 60% of the original volume.

MOD_4237 copy.jpg

For my crepes, I just threw in some pears and blueberries. My sister and dad went for the apples. I apologize for the lack of pictures of the crepes: I was either too busy cooking or eating. Let me tell you right now, it took serious will power to whip out the camera to take the above shot rather than a fork.

Tomorrow I leave for Barcelona, so don't expect any updates for about 3 weeks. However, I want to take pictures of everything I eat. For those interested, here is my itinerary:

  • Barcelona
  • Zaragoza
  • San Sebastian
  • Bordeaux
  • Berlin
  • Copenhagen


Wandering Chopsticks said...

Hey congratulations! There's a lot of blank spaces and it seems like the photos aren't loading? Have fun on your trip. Can't wait to see what you eat.

Ben Gordon said...

Thanks WC! I fixed it now.

OnigiriFB said...

Pea shoots! I miss those.

Crepes look good. :)