Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pancake Dinner

Hey Everyone-

This wasn't so much a food visit as a study break at college. But there was food. And it was awesome. I will let the pictures speak for themselves on this one honestly, because basically all it entailed were firefighters making us some delicious pancakes!

MOD_3949 copy.jpg

Above: Some of Grinnell's finest at the helm of one of the two tremendous griddles they ported in to cook pancakes with.

MOD_3931 copy.jpg

Above: The toppings! Although this doesn't do it justice, we had:

Chocolate Chips


Chocolate Sauce

Syrups of all sorts

Three types of milk and two types of juice

MOD_3956 copy.jpg

The Grinnell humance society brought in therapy dogs for us to pet! One such adorable example, above.

MOD_3981 copy.jpg

They also gave us tons of games- the event was in the auditorium. Above, hungry hungry hippos

MOD_3945 copy.jpg

An example of a incredibly crafted pancake. Strawberries and whipped cream

MOD_4004 copy.jpg

Behind the scenes: Another fire(wo)man mixes up some delicious pancake batter, with the aid of a drill.

MOD_4000 copy.jpg

The dead soldiers that gave their contents to fill our tummies!

MOD_3922 copy.jpg

Cooking up some blueberry pancakes.

MOD_3947 copy.jpg

You can see their dispenser on the far right, which rolled on tracks and dispensed batter from a reservoir. Very cool.

MOD_3967 copy.jpg

Houston Dougherty dispenses whipped cream

MOD_3970 copy.jpg

MOD_3990 copy.jpg


MOD_3993 copy.jpg

My friend Collin brought in Nutella with which to slather his chocolate chip pancakes. This was the best idea ever.

MOD_3920 copy.jpg

Lyle Bauman, who is also the head supervisor of student employees in the Grinnell Dining Hall. He is an incredibly nice man.

MOD_3944 copy.jpg

A student (my friend Stephanie) enjoying her pancake and games.

MOD_3971 copy.jpg

Neo Morake, our Student Government President loves her some pancakes!

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