Monday, February 2, 2009

Bakery Run!

Hey Guys-

On Saturday I also was in charge of procuring some baked goods for a party. However, I am also a fat, greedy pig, and ate all of them on the way back to Grinnell from Des Moines. A photo recap:

Some baby boomers cookies. Obama had these when he came by, and now the bakery can't make enough! They were pretty good, but I prefer thinner cookies: these guys were pretty meaty.



My next stop was "La Mie" bakery. It's a gorgeous little space, with no clear delineation between where the pastries are and where the customer sits. MOD_6429.JPG

Above: The display of pastries and breads.

Here is what I got:



Above: An almond and chocolate croissant. the pastry shell was FABULOUS- crunchy and chewy and buttery. I think this may be the best almond corissant I have ever had. The fillings were perfect to- just the right ratio of almond:chocolate:crust.


Above: From upper left, moving clockwise: Rhubarb puff pastry, chocolate croissant, "cluster bar" (basically a delicious bar cookies full of nuts, fruits and chocolate chips) and a mixed fruit tart. The fruit tart was the only one I didn't eat on the way back to College.


Above: A close up of the rhubarb puff pastry. Look at that Rhubarb- the chunks were enormous! A great pastry.

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