Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chicago Food Itinerary!

Hey Guys!

I am off to Chicago next weekend. Here is where I plan on eating:

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Friday Dinner:

Saturday Breakfast:
A place called "orange" that specializes in "fruit sushi"- it is pretty much exactly what you would expect- fruit over (sweet) rice
OR a place called Hot Chocolate

Saturday Lunch:
Urban Belly

Saturday Dinner:

Sunday breakfast:
Bongo Room


boonie said...


You're in for a treat!!...i wish i could say i have been to Alinea, but it's on my list...i have done Per Se though!!...what really caught my eye was the Bongo Room...i went there 12 years ago with some gals i catered with...they were professional chefs and took me there; i think that has something to say about the quality of the place...i remember having french toast with strawberries and whipped cream...it was marvleous!!...another place in the area is Del Toro Cafe...we couldn't get into Bongo the last time i was there, so we went w/ DT Cafe...also, very good!!!...have fun...make sure to hit up Quimby's for some indie books and mags...


Ben Gordon said...

Thanks! I am really, really looking forward to both Alinea and Bongo Room. I have heard tell of some other incredible breakfast spots- M Henry and Hot Chocolate, for example. I think one of those may replace Orange for breakfast.

OnigiriFB said...

No Hot Doug's? Dude, that's just wrong. Did you catch Anothony Bourdain's Chi-town show. I'm dying to almost all of the places he went to. Especially the 3 little pigs sandwich and L2O. OMG drool! If you bring me back some smoked fish from Calumet I'll take you around to some of my favorite Thai places in town and order in Thai for you. That way your sure to get the real deal not the wussy Americanized versions.

Ben Gordon said...


Sorry! I got your message after I arrived back here in Iowa- otherwise I would have been more than happy to bring you back some fish! I would love to try some authentic Thai in Des Moines- it is one cuisine I do not have a terribly large amount of experience with.

OnigiriFB said...

Tell me when you'll be in DSM next and we'll have to plan on going out somewhere. Maybe Nut Pop, King and I, or Thai Flavors. They are the only Thai restaurants in town that I will personally endorse. Nothing of course compares to Ban OnigiriFB's! (OnigiriFB's House). You had better like spicy food though cause Thai food, beyond the ubiquitous pad thai, is usually very hot. And if you go with a Thai person they will know to make it truly Thai hot instead of American "hot".

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