Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Other things I ate in Chicago

Once again, I will have to post descriptions later. I am super busy. It is only a feast for the eyes now, but I promise I will update with descriptions soon!

Bongo Room: Saturday Breakfast

White Chocolate & Caramel Covered Pretzel Pancakes crushed pretzel coated pancakes topped with warm white chocolate cream and topped with buttery caramel:


Above: The Chocolate and Caramel Covered pretzel pancakes- with extra banana!

The "chocolate tower": chocolate french toast:


Above: Before digging in


Above: After I attacked the tower.

Saturday Lunch: Cafe Spiaggia

My lunch: Gnocchi with wild boar ragu


Saturday Dinner:

Fakeout! This was at Alinea, see the post below.

Sunday Brunch:

At a place called M. Henry. I will use their descriptions.

blackberry bliss cakes

our fluffy hotcakes layered w/warm blackberries and vanilla mascarpone cream, & topped w/ a brown sugar & oat crust. bliss such as this, needs to be shared!



dulce banana rumba french toast

our thick brioche french toast layered with warm bananas, rum and golden raisins, drizzled w/crème caramel & toasted pecans.


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