Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mom's Tour of Iowa: La Mie Bakery and Cafe, Des Moines

La Mie is a wonderful place. You step in, and you see all their delightful pastries arrayed out on tables. You simply get some paper and a bag and grab whatever you want. This is a horrbile temptation to me, as you can well imagine.


Above: One of the tables arrayed with sweets. You simply grab as many as you want, and pay at the front counter. It is a temptation most foul.

Today, my mom and I went there for breakfast before she headed back to California. She started with the Rhubarb Tart. Huge chunks of rhubarb decorate the luscious puff pastry, which truly is some of the crispiest and heartiest I have ever had. The pastries as La Mie are never greasy. Rather, they stand up to your bite with a heartiness that elevates them to a masterwork of flour and butter.


Above: My Mom's Rhubarb pastry. Look at those tremendous hunks of rhubarb!


Above: My Mommy enjoying her pastry.

For our "real" breakfast, she ordered the Quiche Lorraine. I opted for the egg white scramble with creme fraiche, smoked salmon and onions, served with a side of their lusciously delicious toast.


Above: My Mom's Quiche Lorraine. It was delicious, but as big as a man!


Above: My meal. Egg white with smoked salmon and creme fraiche, as well as some toast and fresh fruit.

Overall, I cannot recommend La Mie enough. It occupies and incredible space, serves foods, both sweet and savory, that left my mom and I yearning for a place of this quality in LA.

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