Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am alive!

Hey everyone-

My apologies for the dearth of postings. So far on my "to-do" list, I have to finish the Alinea post and upload the rest of the pictures for Europe- believe it or not, I haven't even finished Spain! I still have to post about France, Germany and Berlin. Copenhagen might get a nod too, I guess.

Items of note in my life:
-Jim Duncan, also know as the Cityview Food Dude, has written an excellent post about Iowa's culinary future. I am mentioned in it, and everyone should check it out.
-Cochon 555 is coming to Des Moines April 19th! In it, 5 of Des Moines' best chefs will use an entire pig to produce a porcine bounty for 250 guests, of which I am one. More updates on this to come!
-Last but not least, I visited an old friend this week- Lois Reichert, of Reichert's Dairy, which is a small Goat micro-dairy. While she has stopped production for the winter, she has two darling goat kids, which she hopes to use to build up her herd in the future. In April, when her current mothers start birthing, I will hopefully be helping- stay tuned in April for some good pictures of me birthing goats!

Ben out!

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OnigiriFB said...

Cochon 555 makes me do the happy dance every time I see it.