Tuesday, March 3, 2009



OK, that picture was to get your attention. This post isn't actually about La Mie's incredible brie and roquefort omelet.

Since I started this blog a few months ago, I have been amazed at the friends I have gained. What started out as a simple excuse to get out of the dorms has morphed into an endeavor that has put me in contact with some amazing people, whom I hope will remain friends. In addition, it has made me recognize some old influences that I had not before considered. Here are, in no particular order, some people I would like to thank for their help:

My Parents:

I never knew how much my parents had indulged my culinary whims as a child. Looking back now, I can remember my mom indulgently helping me make flan when I was 12 or so years old, or standing outside with my dad grilling burgers. I can safely say that without their culinary indulgence, I would not have the same appreciation for food I do now.

Jim Duncan:

I first reached out to Jim, a freelance food writer who most notably writes the “Food dude” column for the Des Moines Cityview on a whim: to see how “real” reviewers did it. I did not think that he would become a friend and a mentor for my blog. Very few, I believe, share his in-depth appreciation of food, but I think his true defining attribute is a defining vision for what food can be. He has a singular vision of how to improve Iowa’s food scene, in practical, no nonsense terms, and he has a way of finding the people in Des Moines that are furthering that vision. Whenever I need any culinary advice, he is the first person to whom I turn.

The Farmers of Iowa:

I would like to thank, as well, the subjects of my articles. I have harried, annoyed and pushed myself on quite a few, and I am happy to count some of them among my friends here in Iowa. I would particularly like to recognize Lois Reichert, who is ever so kind and runs the kind of diary that I wish every other farmer would emulate. She is motivated by her twin passions of food and her goats, which elevate her chevres, fetas and robiola’s to a level of excellence that few can achieve.

I would also like to recognize Steve McNeal, who works with Iowa Farm Families. He and his firm have created a strong Iowa brand that represents local farmers and gets high quality pork on the shelves of Iowa supermarkets.

My Friends in Des Moines:

Also, I would like to send out thanks to my new friends in Des Moines, with whom I have had the pleasure of dining- you know who you are. It has been a pleasure discovering fellow foodies in Iowa, and talking with you. To you all: I look forward to more meals in the future.

My friends in California:

Finally, I would like to thank my childhood friends from California, with whom I have had so many culinary adventures. Chris and Andy, thanks for all the good times, and I look forward to chilling more this summer. Without Andy's relentless mocking of my culinary close mindedness, and Chris' dry commentary, I might not have enjoyed the actual process of dining as much as I do now. Also, with these two as my team mates, we kicked the butts of a group of burly norwegians at an all you can eat Korean BBQ place.

In addition, I can always count on Allison and Sarah to chat with me when I am bored and hungry for food. Thanks all!

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OnigiriFB said...

I'm wondering if you, Thai food, and dinner just aren't meant to be. :P Though I have to say I'm craving more Laotian food i.e. som tum, laab, and sticky rice then Thai.