Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break! WOOOOO

Time flies, doesn't it?

This Saturday, I will fly back to the sunny climes of Southern California, to absorb sun and companionship. Never fear, however, dear readers: I have these exciting items on my itinerary!
-Excellent dim sum place
-Excellent HK style cafe
-Fish taco place!
-Chez Panisse (WOO WOO)

And also, less we forget that I also love to cook, I will be working on the following culinary projects:
-Building my own smoker
-Making a paella on the beach (twice!)
-Grilling outdoors! Like a man!


OnigiriFB said...

The first three on the list make me green with envy.

Andy said...

Let's not forget that I wanted to take you to a Shanghai restaurant if we have time.